Visalia: The regional retail center

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Visalia is the retail center of Tulare County, and also draws buyers from surrounding counties. Mooney Boulevard (average daily traffic count 31,000) is the major retail corridor, with Macy’s in the very busy Visalia Mall; Costco; Dick’s Sporting Goods; the newly opened DSW and Home Goods; a new,Super Walmart, and many others.

The newest arrivals on Mooney Boulevard are Blaze Pizza and Sleep Number.
Visalia’s retailers consistently enjoy strong sales and grand openings that exceed expectations.

Visalia rankings for sales in California

Habit Burger Grill 8 out of 87
Hometown Buffet 7 out of 81
Panera Bread 32 out of 232
Hobby Lobby 8 out of 32
Victoria’s Secret 12 out of 78
Costco Wholesale 13 out of 89
Macy’s 31 out of 75
In-N-Out Burger 17 out of 143
Vallarta Supermarkets 7 out of 74
Kohl’s Department Stores 33 out of 90
Red Robin Burgers 2 out of 55
Ulta Beauty 25 out of 87

Success Story

Hobby Lobby
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Hobby Lobby opened its store in Visalia in 2010. The Visalia store experienced the best two grand opening weeks in chain history and has since settled in at very impressive numbers. Following six months of successful operations in Visalia, Hobby Lobby began to pursue a statewide expansion.

JFW LogoJim’s Formal Wear

Jim’s Formal Wear continues to grow and prosper and we have found Visalia to be an excellent, strategic location for our West Coast operations.– Jim Saxton, Regional Manager

Market Data

  • Retail sales per capita: Visalia $16,625; California $12,561
  • Metro population: 458,900
  • Extended trade area population: 600,000
  • Annual trade area revenues: $2.5 billion
  • Median household income: $52,157
  • Median home value: $207,800
  • Homeownership: 60%
  • Metro job growth: Forbes rated #106
  • Cost of living: 6.3% below national average

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Estimated retail expenditure potential within Visalia and primary market area

  • 27% of Tulare County residents live in Visalia
  • 42% of Tulare County’s taxable sales are generated in Visalia

By 2020 By 2030
Total household income: $2,894,430,000 $3,500,700,000
Retail expenditure rate: 15.0 15.0
Retail expenditure potential: $434,164,500 $525,105,000
(U.S. Census Bureau; California Dept of Finance; Gruen Gruen + Associates)

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  • Graduate or professional degree: 7.8%
  • Bachelor’s degree: 14%
  • Associate’s degree: 9.7%
  • Some college, no degree: 27%
  • High school graduation rate: 94.7%